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Quarantined? Amazing songs which you might have missed

Quarantine day infinity - the whole country has been locked down and we are literally stuck in our homes now for 21 more days.  Some comforting songs to make you feel better- 1. Pause by Prateek Kuhad If you like Prateek Kuhad's songs , you would definitely love this one. This one is not as popular as his other songs but is comforting and soothing in its own way. 2. Counting Stars cover  This cover of "counting stars " by One Republic has about 111 MILLION views on YouTube and I even feel that the cover is better than the original. (sorry if you got offended xD) 3. Choo loo - The Local Train Listen to this beautiful song by The Local Train 4. Baarishein - Anuv Jain If you like Prateek Kuhad's music , you would love this one too. Also, new artists are coming up with original and really good music. Give this one a try if you haven't heard it. 5. Nawazishein Karam -Pakistan Coke Studio Pakistani

My art journey - how I evolved as a self taught artist

I started drawing about two years ago, I was in Class 11 at that time. I had always loved the idea of art and I started this journey by watching YouTube videos and by observing original art works on Pinterest. 2018- the year where it all began I started with some simple doodling and basic mandala. I used to make black and white pieces mostly and used ivory sheets and a simple black pen. 2019 ( phase 1 ) - It gets better I started making some full fledged mandalas and doodled a lot. I also did some bohemian style art. TIP - Use ivory or watercolor sheets instead of normal A4 size paper Check out the art materials I use by clicking this link - 2019 ( phase 2 ) - making it colourful Until now , all my paintings were black and white; towards the end of 2019 , I started adding colour to my drawings. Also , I sta

The Quarantine period-how to make the best of it

It is a time of distress and we all our stuck in our homes (or hostels) , social distancing is the norm right now and "yr bore ho raha hu" are the commonly spoken words. So how do we make the best of this time? 1. Play board games Okay, so it might sound lame , but board games are really entertaining. I tried playing carrom yesterday ( we are stuck in our hostels right now ) and it was fun.  You can try chess , ludo or any game that you like. You can also play UNO or taboo. Dust your carrom board that has been lying there for years and USE IT. 2. Netflix and quarantine Netflix is your best friend when you're bored, but don't get addicted to it; you might end up feeling unproductive.  You can watch stand ups , Netflix originals or may be a SHORT series.  Confused about what to watch? Visit my entertainment blog, Here I write about movies, shows and entertainment related stuff. You can

5 beautiful Rumi quotes

Ever watched an Imtiaz Ali movie? Rockstar? Love aaj Kal? Or maybe tamasha?Then you would probably know who Rumi is. The beginning of an Imtiaz Ali movie is often a Rumi quote. I recently went to watch Love Aaj Kal 2 ( don't judge :/ ) and again it began with a Rumi quote "The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you"  Every word written by Rumi feels beautiful in every way , so I curated a list of five of my favourites. 1. Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open ? 2. I am a spark from the infinite. 3. Out beyond the ideas of right and wrong , there is a field. I'll meet you there. Check out this classic collection of Rumi poems 4. While the mind sees only boundaries, love sees the secret way there. 5. Love is not an emotion , it is your very existence. For similar posts check out my website -