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The campus photo book

The campus of my college ( IIM Rohtak ) is spread over 200 acres and the sunsets here feel like the prettiest part of the day. So I decided to put up few pictures of our campus. 1. A mesmerizing rainy evening 2. Each sunset feels special  3. The sunlight beautifies the campus corridors 4. Sometimes, the sky turns red 5. Ending this post with another picture of the evening sky. " Zindagi pighalti Hui ice cream ki tarah hai, ise taste nhi kia toh waste ho jayegi." What kind of content do you want to see next? Write in the comments section. Also, please subscribe to my blog. You can find the subscribe button on the home page of the blog.

The world's largest craft fair - Surajkund Mela

The Surajkund Mela near faridabad is an annual event that takes place in the month of February for 15 days. Every year one state hosts the mela, and promote their culture , art and cuisine. This year (2020) the chosen state was Himachal Pradesh. Also, 20 countries participated in the craft festival.  One could spot Madhubani paintings , Egyptian art , mandalas , handmade bangles etc. The mela is always vibrant but very crowded. The ideal time to visit Surajkund is around 11 AM. After that , the mela starts getting crowded and it becomes impossible to even find a parking spot. This art work is a mix of mandala and madhubani. If you are an art enthusiast , you must visit the mela. This art piece is from an Egyptian stall. Egyptian art is unique and a cool gifting option.It would also provide an artistic touch to your living area. The fair also has art and craft pieces made by Haryana jail in

Happiness is the new rich- ikigai and more

From the very beginning of time , several philosophers tried to comprehend what being happy was. Aristotle defined it as the state of achieving health , wealth , friends , knowledge etc that lead to the perfection of human nature. Several people have several perceptions on the concept of happiness. However, I haven't met a single person who believes that he leads a happy life. It's probably the way we were conditioned ; we were told to run behind success , fame , money and we hardly spoke about being happy. I recently read about the Japanese formula for happiness which they call ikigai or the reason for existence. We can be happy only when we feel we have a reason to live , a purpose to fulfill. It involves finding something that makes us happy. Ever wondered why people like creative jobs more ? It's because they feel a state of bliss in what they are doing and they believe they are making a difference by creating something meaningful. On the other hand , people in

Hand lettering as an art

Hand lettering is basically a form of drawing to create decorative letters. It is one of my favourite forms of art; I have absolute freedom to choose the background , the quote I wish to write , the kind of pens to use. It's expressive , quirky and cool to display. Some of my hand lettering art pieces- Once they get framed , they look the best version of themselves. And they are literally so expressive that I have a track of my thoughts. That's the beauty of this art.   They are a good gifting option, plus each piece is so unique in its own. To get your customized design , you can email me at ✉️ or DM me on Instagram @delightedhumans I also started a new blog where I write about movies , songs and everything related. Check it out.

The Delhi photo book: A travel blog

My last post about Delhi was really appreciated by you all , so I decided to do another post on Delhi. What comes to your mind when you think about Delhi? Momos, politics , Arvind Kejriwal , dilli ki polluted हवा and Delhi metro. Fun fact : The Delhi Metro's daily average ridership is 24.2 lakh. ( as on October 2017) My friend runs a meme page on Delhi metro and it's hilarious. Check it out. 1.  Hauz khas village The Hauz khas village is an interesting place with a lot of Cafes , bars , high end shops and a Deer Park. Don't take the name of the park literally, the Deer Park has no deers; I got fooled by Google :( Although you would find peacocks and parrots and a lake. This was the view from the cafe we ate in. Hauz Khas is also the home to the Hauz khas fort. 2. Ugrasen ki baoli/ Agra

Capturing the capital city- A travel blog

Today we randomly decided to explore Delhi and trust me पुराना सा शहर नया सा लगने लगा ♥️ There's a lot to do in Delhi and specially on a week day when places are decently crowded , the activities become a lot more fun.  Here are some snaps from the city- 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And the most important one ;) What is Delhi without Momos!   If you are around Delhi , come and explore  दिलवालो की दिल्ली and you wouldn't be disappointed. Also, tell us your favourite city in comments section below⚡ Sponsoring blog posts can not only prove to be a good marketing tactic but also promote the small bloggers to come up with good content. To sponsor a post, click the link -