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Nature is pleased with simplicity - a photo blog

Nature loves peace ; it is pleased by simplicity. However, the current situation is complex. Almost craving for the beautiful "outside". Found this flower on my terrace ; detached. As the days pass , we end up feeling detached from the things we used to love- spontaneous trips, college or maybe workplace or school , the eating joint we loved , people and BUTTER CHICKEN ;) A weird form of detached, we crave for it and we don't. We want it but still we don't.

The Dalgona reaction

I wrote about the Dalgona coffee in my previous post ( and the reactions I got were hilarious. Correcting the recipe Step 1-  Coffee shaming Step 2 - Mixer mai chalao     Step 3- yes, now it's ready ( A not so Dalgona coffee) ( This course of action was taken by my friend xD) I kept my dalgona in the fridge and waited for it to disappear magically.  Some comments - The Dalgona coffee is the worst form of peer pressure that can ever exist. Stay safe , stay indoors and DO NOT MAKE DALGONA COFFEE , however tempting it might seem. P.S - Quarantine mai itna overreaction toh chalta hai bro.

The Quarantine journal - part 1

The corona - time , sorry the "quarantine" has been "lousy" on some days and fun on the others. Modi ji ke task , suffocating mask ; Netflix and chill and you might be killed - here is a small quarantine journal* * For entertainment purposes only  " Taali bajao - thaali bajao" - week 1 "Diya , candle , torch jalao" - week 2 However , stupid things may sound but all we need right now is HOPE and if this gives us hope, what's better?  Also , accept it or not - these small moments of happiness mean a lot in a gloomy situation like this.   Waiting for the next task? Week 1 - sleep , eat , Netflix , repeat Week 1 was fun ; something different from our hectic routine. I felt relieved. Board and card games found their way in - uno , ludo , carrom and chess.  Week 2 ( 1st half) - Butter chicken , golgappe , chole bature pleasee also weird instagram challenges kick in If you are a foodie , you would know the feelin

The veil of ignorance - philosophically understanding the current scenario

Different people have different expectations from the society and the government. The expectation , however might be RATIONAL or IRRATIONAL. Considering the present scenario , different groups want things to happen differently - 1. The daily wage workers are worried about their wages. 2. Factory owners are worried about the high maintenance costs that may arise after lockdown. 3. Business owners are out of business. 4. The online classes for school and college students are NOT as effective as they seem. So , how do we decide the course of action?  Let me give you a philosophical point of view. John Rawls , a philosopher gave the idea of the "veil of ignorance".  The veil of ignorance is an idea that talks about how we should FOR ONCE not recognise ourselves with any group , circumstances and IGNORE who we are. We should sit behind the VEIL , the veil of ignorance and look at the situations. It is then we would be able to see a rational point of view. By being IGNORANT about o

The game theory of everyday life

Remember the days when you were free and could travel in the Delhi metro , you find a vacant seat in the metro. However the seat is  a "reserved" seat ( for those of you who don't know , a reserved seat is a seat reserved for ladies and senior citizens ). Now , you need to take the decision of taking the seat or not. Various thoughts hover your mind - "I may have to free the seat anytime soon " , "it has been a tiring day , let it be " and so on.  Game theory somewhat deals with situations like these , rather more complex ones. It is actually a "strategic art of decision making." Game theory can be applied to simple problems like taking up a  seat in the delhi metro , playing a game of rock paper scissors and to complex problems like deciding the foreign trade policy , world predictions and even the decisions of confessing your feelings to someone you like ;) Infact , Bruce Bueno de Mesquita ( an academic at New York University ) made several