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5 eccentric artworks I created this year

1. An abstract line art On some days inspiration doesn't come naturally, those are the perfect days to draw something abstract. I grabbed an ivory sheet and scribbled my anxiety away and this is what I got. Some comprehended it as a ' half horse' others called it just an eccentric piece, I was satisfied with the result either way.✨ 2. That girl with curls This is one of my favorite works. Even though it looks kind of effortless , it took a lot of concentration to draw those lines over and over.  I used brustro fineliners for the same, if you are an art ethusiast you can buy them on Amazon at an affordable price. Posters of the same are also available in the link below   3. Bohemian - Egyptian art This Bohemian - Egyptian kind of thing took me 6 hours or so. Each pattern was made to collaborate with the other in the best way possible. 4. A Rumi

9 pictures of 2019

3 August 2019 बदलाव की वो बारिश 🌿 What is better than rain making your first day at college unforgettable.🌧️ 25 August 2019 Puppies are cute. Aren't they? 14 September 2019  18th birthday ⚡ Hostel birthdays are the best thing ever. It's amazing how we manage to have so much fun with the limited resources we have. 17 September 2019 Sometimes the sky changes colours and trust me it's the best thing ever. 20 October 2019 "Hey let's sit in the balcony and study for the exam" 20 minutes later , it rained and we didn't move a bit letting ourselves and our gadgets get wet. We had an amazing time in the rain.  25 October , 2019 Term 1 ends "Pata hi nhi Chala , bro"  4 December ,2019 "What is the best part of your classes?" "The classroom terrace" 22 December 2019 Sometimes birthday and crisis coincide

Connecting playlists

I have always believed that people's most heard songs truly reflect who they are. One random evening, I was walking around the campus and I spotted many people walking alone with their headphones on, lost in their own world ; far from reality. It might sound weird , but whenever I see someone with his earplugs on , I always wonder what they are listening to, how their paradise looks like and where do they go after escaping this ' real ' world. It was a bright sunny day, we were walking to our class from our hostels and my friend offered one of her airpod to me. As I plugged in the earplug , I was shook a little. I heard an indie song playing , not that the song was unpleasant, but not what I expected she listens to. I always expected her to hear some kind of rap music but that day I heard her playlist and saw a new side , something I had never seen before.  There has always been a gap between who we are and how we present ourselves. However , one can truly understand the ot


As I sit with my notebook and a cup of tea on this beautiful rainy day, I wonder what different I could say about the rain which has not been said before. Kahlil Gibrain compared the rain drops to ' silver threads of pearls fallen from the crown of Ishtar' while John Keats compared it to an ' immortal drink'.The rain is by far the most poetic phenomenon that the earth has ever seen. People talk about how it cleanses the earth; however, apart from cleansing our earth , it cleanses our souls. It cleanses us from fear , gloom and hatred. When it rains heavily, life comes to a standstill ; traffic jams, water logging and difficulties in commuting arise. This time, however is a golden period ;a period when we can introspect an retrospect. I have always loved the rains and how it magically brings everything to life and brings joy to the soul. Stand still, enjoy this magical phenomenon , this is the time to let your heart free and enjoy the little drops collect o


कुछ खयाल ऐसे भी जो होठों पर आए नहीं, कुछ बातें ऐसी भी जो दिल बतलाया नहीं, कुछ यादें ऐसी भी जो याद करने से घबराते हैं, कुछ वादे ऐसे भी जो याद रहकर भी भूल जाते हैं, नई सी जगह , नई सी मैं हो गई, जाने खुद को कहां खो गई, यह कैसे बदलाव मे खो गई, नई सी जगह है, या नई मै हो गई ।

Far from home

Far from home I find my bliss, Far from the place I sometimes miss, I miss the conversations, I miss the vibe, Now here I am trying to find my tribe. New people and places have always been exciting, But sometimes I really miss the old binding. Happy , ecstatic I always stay, Not knowing where my heart sways. Does it admire the uncertainty , Or find joy in the certain things. Does it desire the chilly hills or the warmth of homeliness? Far from home I continue finding my bliss, Wondering if there is anything I miss? Sometimes the heart feels less heavy, And I realise what I miss is a piece of me. Some books that I absolutely love and would like to recommend-

90 days that changed my life -last part

Term 1 was a rollercoaster ride; we got acquainted with a new place , new people and gathered experiences which were very different from our normal life. We created moments, celebrated , connected with the new place and the new people and had a lot of fun in the process. Every birthday was celebrated with enthusiasm and so were the festivals. We discovered a new city and also some of our hidden abilities. Tomorrow, we start with a new chapter ; a new term and loads of new stories , drama , fun and adventure. Ending this series with a few snaps of our campus. Till then, stay tuned! फिर मुलाकात होगी।♥️🌿 ADDITIONAL TIP:  Some essential things that would make your hostel life easy and fun

90 days that changed my life - part 3

In our campus , sunsets are the prettiest. And sometimes , the sky changes colours. But do you know what's prettier? The bond that we share. Typically, how does one make friends?  1. You meet a person 2. You interact and learn about the common interests  3. You interact regularly and bond. A typical hostel friendship does not work that ways , specially when your institute has students from all over the country and there may be less common areas of interest. Here , it is all about embracing each other's uniqueness. We bond over music , Maggi and "chai". It is always fun being around people with entirely different experiences , backgrounds and opinions. A typical day is never complete without tea and Maggi and sometimes we choose to make it in our room. On lazy days , we go to the canteen ( we call it S.T.O.R.E ) here to grab a coffee. This is a snap of our S.T.O.R.E 's feedback wall

90 days that changed my life - part 2

Now I had my new hostel room and new roommates and it was time to make that room  our "home". Home , I believe is never about the place or even the family members , it's about the vibe. It's about the place where you choose to be comfortable and happy; it is not about living with the best or the most caring people or the  but about choosing to accommodate and taking care of even the evil ones. So, for me home has always been in the feeling and it was time to make room no. 16 my home. I started the process by giving an artistic touch to the walls. "Some more polaroids can be added in the room." I thought. So I came up with the idea of hanging some pictures by tying a thread on the legs of my bunk bed. Meanwhile , we were involved in several other activities; making new friends being the most important one among them. Some connections were forced , others happened organically. Jam sessions became the best part of my d

90 days that changed my life ( part 1)

The first trimester has now ended and as I look back , I realise how much these 90 days have changed us ; how I evolved into a slightly more responsible person , how I bonded with people I never thought I would. Maybe that's what college life is about. On day 0 , as the college registration went on , I looked around and observed students from different states and ethnicity. I wondered how different we all were; very different yet the same. The room allotment was the most awaited part and I was way too excited to meet my new roommates. "Room no. 16" , I read the allotted room no. against my name and entered my new room where I was going to begin a new phase of my life. As I entered, I saw my new roommate on the upper bunk bed talking in her regional language ( Telugu ) which was all greek to me and still is. My other new roommate who happens to be from the northeastern part of india entered just after me and I smiled at the kind of diversity my room offered

अजनबी राहें

किसी अलग ही दरिया में डूब जाना चाहती हूं,          कुछ नए से सुर गुनगुनाना चाहती हूं।।। कोई अलग सी बोली बोलूंगी मैं,         किसी नए से शहर के राज खोलूंगी मैं।।। कैसी लहरों में मै बहती जा रही हूँ,        कोई अलग सा रास्ता सजा रही हूँ।।।। जीवन के बाग में मैं भी फूल खिलाऊंगी,        अनकही दास्तां भी अपनी सुनाऊँगी।।। खुशी के अम्बर के नीचे सुंदर से खवाब सजाऊंगी,        अपनी महक से मैं दुनिया मेहकाउंगी।।। ना जाने ये वक़्त कहाँ ले चला है,       अगला पल अनजाना है यही तो वक़्त की कला है।।।                                                                - दृष्टि

Lanes of darkness ( by Drishti )

Walking down the Lanes of darkness, What I found was a flash of light. The flash of light showed me the way, And told me where was I to stay. My designated place was not among the stars, Nor it was among the areas of war. It told me to be satisfied if I wanted to achieve,  I stopped walking down the lanes of darkness  And realised that the light was within me.

THE PIECES OF YOU (by Drishti)

You are broken into a several pieces, Yet the pieces of you are august. You are broken into a several pieces, Yet the pieces of you are beautiful. Everyday you hide these pieces with an invisible mask, Or glue them together with an aching heart.  "Hide your vulnerability." they say And you let them pave your way, Letting the reality fade away. We all are broken in some ways, Yet the pieces of us, Yet the pieces of you, Are beautiful in every way.