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Short stories submissions!

Hey readers!  I have thought of starting a short stories column for my website , if you love reading short stories stay tuned and if you love writing them , do send in your submissions at also, I will attach a Google form , you may write your stories there if you wish to stay anonymous. The stories can be paranormal , real life experiences,  school stories , your happy moments. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I will be glad to publish your work :)  If you are submitting it via email , don't forget  to mention your name / pen name and mobile no. ( if you wish to). Thanks for being a part of the delighted humans family ❤ Right knowledge is the key to happiness! 

My blogging journey so far and a little Sunday chat!!

Let's start with a huge THANK YOU to my readers,  THANK YOU for reading what I have to say. It has not even been a year and I have received so many emails , comments and views from you guys <3  From one blog to another to a website FINALLY.  Aaj kal stress levels are clearly greater than inspiration levels and I did not post on this blog for a while so here I am. To all the social media friendly people out there, WHO IS BINOD?! I opened my Instagram today and all I see is BINOD. A few people asked me about my blogging journey this week and why I blog in the world of the 'gram so just thought of sharing some bits of my journey. Firstly, I never EVER thought that people would read what I have to say, so I started using Blogger in JULY 2019 and I wrote a couple of poems on it and never shared it , blogger was literally my digital diary and I randomly used it for writing poetry. Previously, I was using wattpad to write poetry and it felt great,  wattpad has a good am