My blogging journey so far and a little Sunday chat!!

Let's start with a huge THANK YOU to my readers,  THANK YOU for reading what I have to say. It has not even been a year and I have received so many emails , comments and views from you guys <3 

From one blog to another to a website FINALLY. 

Aaj kal stress levels are clearly greater than inspiration levels and I did not post on this blog for a while so here I am.

To all the social media friendly people out there, WHO IS BINOD?!

I opened my Instagram today and all I see is BINOD.

A few people asked me about my blogging journey this week and why I blog in the world of the 'gram so just thought of sharing some bits of my journey.

Firstly, I never EVER thought that people would read what I have to say, so I started using Blogger in JULY 2019 and I wrote a couple of poems on it and never shared it , blogger was literally my digital diary and I randomly used it for writing poetry. Previously, I was using wattpad to write poetry and it felt great,  wattpad has a good amount of traffic and I was getting a decent amount of views and comments and it was a good confidence and creativity booster. 

In November 2019 , my first trimester in college ended , we had a short break and as I was lying on my couch like a sloth bear scrolling the pictures of the term , there was a constant smile on my face. My mom randomly told me to pen down these experiences so that I cherish them later. I started writing it all down on my blog and since then there was no stopping. I have around 5k views on this blog right now, though this is not a very huge number still I like how it has improved my writing skills and it feels great to have a tap of my thoughts , also I started freelancing and I wrote for some websites and started my own website too. 
If you haven't subscribed to it PLEASE krdo naaaa. (

So basically it has been great,  some weeks I lack ideas other days inspiration but I guess this is how it all works.
Also, I was mocked on using blogger in "2020" but as long it feels fun I'll do it.

Blogger >>>>>> Instagram 

As long as you are being yourself,  feeling free from the fear of being of being judged and expressing your thoughts, you will be in the best state of mind ; negativity will barely pierce you ;) 

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