Quarantine diaries

As days pass by it gets frustrating , the daily news seems almost unbearable , often I lack inspiration to write and my emotions rarely find words now a days ; 3-4 days to write one piece is the new normal and I barely feel like drawing. Sleeping and missing my college life are the only things I manage to do and suddenly it's 3 PM , I haven't done a thing haven't eaten anything , it's all so weird , I wonder what happiness is , I try finding it around and then I try harder not realising that I need to create it , HERE at this moment , a beautiful moment that wouldn't come again.

Amidst this lockdown , few beautiful things happened that I am grateful for - the people close to me are free from the virus that has been ruining lives.

Apart from that I had the opportunity to start my own website www.delightedhumans.com which has always been a dream - my own wholesome website about lifestyle , travel , photography , business stories basically anything and everything , I feel "delighted" however sometimes the motivation vanishes like the virus vanished in New Zealand , I have always liked to travel even if it is a short distance but this pandemic has trapped us in our homes and similarly my ideas have trapped themselves in my mind , they refuse to express themselves on paper right now.

It's a tough phase and I hope we all survive it.

Stay safe! We will again be as free as the ocean SOON.

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