What are the odds?

Wanted to start this on a happy note : I TOUCHED 4K views. Thank you everyone.

It's 2 AM right now and I feel "slightly" vulnerable, I am not sure why. An hour back , I completed a "surprise" project which is to be submitted within 24 hours or be ready to sacrifice 10% of your total score. And yes , I know I have been posting a lot these days and OBVIOUSLY everything in my life has a story , let's leave that for another day.

It's been a couple of weeks since I logged into Netflix and as soon as I completed my project I wanted to treat myself with the new Netflix original "What are the odds?" I was eagerly waiting for it. Also , the movie stars Abhay Deol , who I think is one of the MOST UNDERRATED actors. If you disagree , watch DEV D.

So , I started watching the movie and an incident in the movie disturbed me. What are the odds of a comedy movie disturbing a person. The stark similarities of the incident to my personal life was the reason why I felt what I felt.

One of the leads , Vivek ( a girl , don't be sexist right now) owns a gold fish named "Bunty" and she overfeeds the fish and it dies.
"Ah! What's the big deal you might be wondering." Wait , wait till I finish my story.

I had a similar experience in the beginning of 2020. I owned a fighter fish named "bijli" and it died mostly because she was overfed or maybe because she couldn't survive the weather.
The burial of Bunty-
The burial of Bijli-
I am not sure why , but the stark similarities in the events is a "little" disturbing,  I am still not sure why. Also, observe the "B" element. Plus , people don't keep a solitary fish. So what are the odds of someone else's story being so similar to mine? And also , why did I had to be reminded about Bijli.

Closing this on a confused note.

See you soon!



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